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Remote or Montréal, QC, Canada

About the Role

By joining Gimbal, you will help us in providing a safe and secure environment for our artists and allowing Gimbal to achieve its business objectives.

More precisely, in this role, you'll act as the main security advisor on information and corporate security-related topics within Gimbal’s SRM. Acting as a bridge between SRM and management, you’ll need to present insightful results in simple, but yet, effective business terms.

As part of your mission, you will follow upon security assessments, identify effective remediation strategies, report security findings, and recommend corrective actions for relevant operational teams.

You will also be called upon to resolve any IT related issue concerning production services such as AWS server, Helix P4D/P4V and Atlassian products.



  • Handle incidents and requests until they are resolved;

  • Identify, investigate, address, and resolve technical issues;

  • Send internal communications for incidents affecting Gimbal.

  • Develop and drive the security activities related to major projects in a versatile team;

  • Produce risk evaluations that will span multiple security topics;

  • Develop and contribute to risk analysis methods for game production environments & IT projects;

  • Define policies, standards, and processes to ensure secure data management and drive the implementation of security measures on global IT projects;

  • Manage the relationship with the company and clients to support the decision-making process that could impact Gimbal's security posture;

  • Monitor and detect potential risk situations in-game production environments;

  • Facilitate operations and minimize negative impacts of proposed security solutions;

  • Interpret potential or realized risks brought forth by new technologies introduced to daily operations.


  • Previous experience as a Technical Support Analyst;

  • Knowledge of Windows Servers, Active Directory, and Linux Servers;

  • Knowledge of network technologies (OSI, TCP/IP);

  • Knowledge of AWS services;

  • Knowledge of Helix Core (Perforce) Products and Services;

  • Knowledge of Atlassian Products (JIRA);

  • Knowledge of ticketing systems and ITILS concepts;

  • Experience in developing corporate policies or guidelines;


  • Bachelor's degree in the field of Software or Computer Engineering, Information Security, or equivalent education/experience;

  • Technical or audit certification in computer security (CISSP, CISA, etc.) is a strong asset.

About the Company

With a team of 10 creative, passionate, and innovative artists, Studio Gimbal continuously pursues growth and diversification. Founded in 2018, the Montréal-based studio has carved out a place for itself among the leaders in Vegetation services for the video game industry worldwide.

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