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Grow Your Games with GIMBAL

GIMBAL is a leading Vegetation Service studio for AAA games. Hailing from Montréal and collaborating with world-renowned game developers and distributors, unearth a collaboration that will amplify your games’ foliage to peak industry quality.

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Founded in 2018, GIMBAL's team of expert artists has been assisting international AAA game studios to redefine their approach to 3D vegetation, while implementing their creative visions. Whether they’re advising during pre-production or enhancing prior work, they’ll be at hand to help achieve the highest standard in the industry.

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Making a Difference


Vegetation Assets

Our team of vegetation artists will tackle any type or style of asset required. From burnt backyard grass to the mighty Yggdrasil, nothing is too big or too intimidating.


Level Art

Specializing in Unreal Engine, yet maintaining experience in multiple proprietary game engines, Gimbal can assist in creating credible and lifelike forests for a truly spectacular gaming experience.

Artistic Direction

Our Creative Team has a mission to recognize the desired art direction and determine the most effective way to convey the vision into the game's biome. From research to concepts, no rock is left unturned.


Package Licensing

Whether you’re developing a game prototype, a pitch fake-game footage or an indie game, Gimbal's first biome package, which will include everything you need to create AAA-standard forests, will soon be released.

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Connect with Us

1001 Lenoir, A-410b

H4C 2Z6

Montréal, Canada

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